Puente Viejo, Nerja

The bridge into town, Puente Viejo, is now expected to reopen at the end of June, a couple of weeks later than first announced. More work – another two months worth – is now reportedly going to be carried out on the bridge but, hopefully, this will not involve closures as this would bite right into the main summer holiday period. Unless it gets postponed, of course, as so often happens.

Work has finished on calle Angustias while work continues on calle Antonio Millón.

It would appear that a new Health Centre is back on the agenda, although not in the location reserved for this project some years ago, the area behind the Mercadona supermarket. A new site, the fourth to be suggested/offered, has been proposed on avenida de Pescia.

A new Health Centre has been proposed and talked about now for some fourteen years, so whether anything happens this time is anyone’s guess. The only difference, and therefore slight ray of hope, is that the local and regional governments are now, for the first time since things were first discussed, of the same political hue. But that doesn’t guarantee success by any means, as many municipalities would probably attest.

Cafeteria Royal, at the top of calle Chaparil, has been totally gutted. This could be a refurbishment or a complete change of business.