Julbrew, The Gambia

At the end of a long day wandering through the rice paddies, forests and fields of The Gambia, what better than a cold, refreshing bottle of local nectar?.

There may only actually be one option, Julbrew, but that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment in the slightest!

Makes life quite easy really when you don’t have to choose, not a bad thing on occasion…especially when you are tired and thirsty after a day in the hot sun! It was 36 degrees during the day.

Julbrew, The Gambia

Julbrew, brewed by Banjul Breweries Ltd in Banjul, is the only local beer in The Gambia. There are four variations – Regular, Export, Strong and Very Strong – of this pale lager beer. This particular one is the regular with an alcohol content of 4.7%.

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