Hail, Woodley

I went on a short trip to the UK, Berkshire and Hampshire to be more precise, and it was great to experience so many different weather types in such a short space of time: rain, a few tiny snowflakes, two quick hailstorms, high winds. a couple of hours of clear blue skies and sun and a cold snap.

Hail, Woodley

Gatwick remains a nightmare – unless I am always just unlucky – for arrivals. It took what seemed like an eternity to get from the plane and then, OMG, passport control. Forty minutes of queuing – as usual they only had a couple of the 15 or 18 desks open – to get through. Hate to imagine what it is like when more than one plane comes in!!

However, the regular queue – bulk of passengers – made it through before the very much smaller number at the automatic machines. They never seem to work properly and were regularly ‘crashing’ as people tried to use them. Many in the regular queue – we had plenty of time for chatting – were saying they had given up trying to use those machines as they are forever breaking down.

The whole process took so long I missed two trains – they are hourly – the second one by just seconds.

Meanwhile, the daffodils are in bloom.

Came upon this interesting little ‘whatever it is’ in the local park.