Cercanias Malaga

On the move

I quite enjoy little trips on the cercanias – local or commuter trains. Cercanías Málaga network consists of 70 km of track with two lines in operation. The trains are powered by overhead lines and run on broad Iberian gauge track. There may only be two lines but they get you to some interesting places and are clean, invariably on time and quite cheap.

Puente Viejo, Nerja

Local stuff and a video

The bridge into town, Puente Viejo, is now expected to reopen at the end of June, a couple of weeks later than first announced. More work – another two months worth – is now reportedly going to be carried out on the bridge but, hopefully, this will not involve closures as this would bite right into the main summer holiday period. Unless it gets postponed, of course, as so often happens.