Ryanair always seems to be tinkering with policies or coming up with new ideas, good and bad. This time it is hand luggage…again.

Only Priority Boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft. All other (i.e. non-priority) customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag must be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the boarding gate.

This is, they say, due to the large number of people availing themselves of the current two-bag policy whilst the space for overhead luggage is limited.

Imagine, though, if everyone decided to pay the extra for priority boarding (after all, who doesn’t want to get to their destination before the rest of their fellow passengers?), wouldn’t we be back at square one again – everyone with two bags and no space? What next, Super Priority Boarding for yet a further charge?

At least Ryanair are upping the weight limit for checked bags (up from 15kg to 20kg) and reducing the price (down from €35 to €25). The new measure are effective from November 1st 2017.

Funny how these things often work out like this.

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building works

Building works have restarted after the long, compulsory summer break, although not on the sewage plant, Fire Station, Coastal Walk or other stalled projects of course.

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