I am not particularly keen on phone keyboards – or to be more accurate, I’m more than a little on the slow and hopeless side with them – which normally means messages, descriptions etc, tend to be short or confined to a smiley face…or even nothing. I much prefer a proper keyboard, at which I am much quicker and accurate, despite only using a couple of fingers and a toe.

Attempts at longer entries tend to be painfully slow as I invariably have to keep correcting almost every letter – at least once – and then combined with auto correct and predictive texts I often end up sending gibberish….useless. So, when I’m sitting at home, I like a web version.

Whatsapp is fine, it has a good web version, as does Facebook etc, of course. Instagram on the other hand has a very limited web interface. Great for viewing pics, commenting etc, but not much more. Then I found Flume, a third-party app for Instagram so I thought I would give it a whirl.

By going for the premium version – paid, nine euros odd – you get the ability to edit captions and also upload your pics. It has a pleasant enough UI and all sorts of options in various hidden menus. It even supports multiple accounts.

So far, for me at least, it ticks all the required boxes and seems to be bug free – touch wood, therefore I can do little more than give it a 5 star rating at this stage. If this changes in the future I will no doubt update this post.