knob throwing

I enjoy discovering quirky new things, and Dorset’s annual Knob Throwing Festival certainly qualifies. It began fairly recently, in 2008, but has become so popular that this year it had to move from the village of Cottistock to a larger venue at Kinsgton Maurwood House near Dorchester.

More than 4,000 people attended the festival on April 30th to watch the participants hurling the locally-made buns. The festival, now incorporating a food fare, was set up to raise money for village causes.

In addition to hurling buns as far as possible, there were other games including knob archery, knob and spoon racing and pin the knob on the Cerne giant.

The basic rules for the throwing competition are that the savoury biscuits must be thrown underarm and one of the competitor’s feet must remain on the ground.