camera strap

Every so often I keep trying new camera straps, mostly self-assembled, to find something which is comfortable and gets away from the thin, advertising-covered straps which come with a camera. I even tried a clutch strap for a while, but although I generally found it be comfortable and very efficient, long-term use did highlight a couple of drawbacks.

Occasionally, after prolonged use or a long day, my hand would start to feel a bit numb. More importantly, though, unless you use it in combination with a belt clip, simple tasks such as shaking hands, grabbing a coffee or even grabbing at something if it falls – are impossible without putting the camera down.

I have tried all sorts of impromptu straps from other items, such as bags, adding moveable, wider padding to the shoulder/neck part, but nothing has really done the job.

I was looking through some reviews the other week and was surprised to find that a relatively cheap (€19.99) neoprene strap rated very highly indeed for comfort etc against many more expensive solutions. So I decided to give it a go. After all, my custom efforts have gone nowhere.

It is made from neoprene, has a widish d thick neck pad, clips for quick release (or use as wrist strap) and is quite flexible. Having used it for a few weeks, I can say it is the most comfortable strap so far Not perfect, but pretty close, and I have been so impressed that I bought a second one. Definitely worth giving a go if you like your camera on your shoulder/neck.

It is a Matin camera strap (Amazon)

camera strap