Something different has sprung up in the former premises of a Chinese Bazaar in avenida Castilla Perez (between calle Diputación and calle El Barrio) rather than the usual sports bar/souvenir/bags/accessories shops we are accustomed to seeing appear at monotonously regular intervals.

A self-service laundrette. Nerja had a dedicated laundrette many, many years ago and there are several self-service machines in the petrol station at the top of the Frigiliana road (as well as a Pet Wash!), although it is not the most convenient place to get to without a vehicle. The new laundrette is open from 09:00 to 22:00, last wash at 21:30.

There are, of course, a number of laundry businesses, but these are not self-service where you can while away the time watching your clothes spin round.

Jeremy Hunt accuses Stephen Hawking of peddling a ‘pernicious falsehood’

The way I see it:

Scientist: A person who has expert knowledge and often carries out a systematic investigation of theories and hypotheses based upon available information. The results may be positive or negative.

Politician: A self-serving individual who may or may not possess some knowledge of the subject in hand but is tied down by Party ideals, dogma and the need to keep their job. The results of any research will comply with current Party thinking. Politicians are prone to ‘misspeaking’ (telling porkies).

This of course means that it would be almost impossible to decide which individual is more likely to be correct in this instance.

Sad but true.

‘Cat’s eyes’ in Suffolk are to be renamed ‘road studs’ after confused foreign tourists thought they were made from real cats.

Wonder what’s in the air or food in Suffolk that causes such problems for tourists?

Are they now considering to change zebra crossing, panda car, bulldog clip, fish-eye lens etc?

I think they must have meant next year for the erection of shade in calle Málaga and El Barrio as nothing has started yet and the hottest times are probably behind us now. Maybe they could think about carrying out such tasks in May or June, in advance of the peak summer heat! Don’t hold out much hope though based upon past experience.