My Amazon package duly arrived on time (and surprise number one, it was not the usual OTT packaging, it was perfectly normal) containing a  cheap neoprene camera strap I had decided to try. The strap, quite flexible, had received some very good reviews, particularly with respect to comfort for the wearer.

And on that side of things I have no complaints at all, although I have only been trying it out for a day or two. But, so far so good.

The big surprise came when I saw the first part of the ‘made in’ label. My first thoughts was China, seemingly the new norm, or Thailand, lots of camera stuff made there these days,  or maybe even India, an emerging centre. No. It said Made in N Korea. Now that did surprise me.

Firstly, I cannot recall ever seeing anything Made in North Korea in my entire life. Secondly, I didn’t think North Korean industry produced anything other than copious amounts of cheese for its leader and military hardware. And thirdly, I thought the country was totally isolated as far as trade was concerned – except for links with China, of course.

You live and learn. Anyway, as I said, no complaints so far with the strap, although it is still early days.