Papagayo, Nerja

Slightly cool in the shade but glorious out in the sun today, so much so that I had to shed a layer of clothing as I wandered round. There were even a couple of people swimming at Calahonda beach, but that’s taking things a bit far!

There is a nice woodcarving in Plaza Cavana, just a pity it is next to a bin, but hey ho.

wooden horse

One of the Christmas stalls in the square has an artist who can often be seen ‘at work’.

Here’s someone who seems to have made himself, and his dog, at home in the derelict Papagayo restaurant on Calahonda beach. The place was cleared out a few months ago after it became a popular haunt for vagrants.

Papagayo, Nerja

Here’s one way to ensure you always have a parking space outside your home. One guy, who lives opposite the municipal car park exit in calle Granada, has got his routine off to a tee. Whenever he wants to use his car – parked in the end slot of the bay – he pops across the road to where he has a large scooter parked. He brings it across the road and parks it on the pavement.

He then backs his car onto the pavement and puts the scooter, lengthways, in the centre of the parking spot, thus preventing its use by anyone else. When he returns, he carries out the exact same procedure in reverse. Not very fair but it does always guarantee him a space. If it was a smaller scooter, a 50cc, then no doubt someone would move it, but being a bulky object…

plant pots

It was burning tme in the orchards, several fires on the go.


La Ermita