Weekend World

There’s a new ‘freebie’ on the scene, Weekend World, which calls itself ‘The Newspaper with a Difference’ and promises to ‘rival that of the other newspapers on the coast in every way’. Bold statement.

Issue number one covers the period June 11th to 24th, so one assumes it is a fortnightly publication, similar to the Olive Press.

Weekend World

The newspaper is published by Simply Media Group SL. It has 108 pages, of which 50 are full-page advertisements or promotions, 19 have half a page of advertising and the rest have one or two smaller ads. Pretty much par for the course.

It has a sports section, classifieds section and a crossword and sudoku for those who like their puzzles.

The news and editorials are not restricted to Spain, they also cover events and items from around the world, the idea being to appeal to a wide range of readers.

Being a fortnightly publication, the news items do of course have to be more general, with more emphasis on editorial content and in-depth analysis.

The competition is tough: SUR in English, EuroWeekly News (both weekly publications) and Olive Press (fortnightly), so it will be interesting to see how it fares alongside these long-established newspapers.