The Council proudly announced that it has removed 1,850 kilos of rubbish from the (closed) section between Carabeo and Carabeillo beaches and 850 kilos from Maro beach, which is quite a lot of trash. Of course, if cleaning were to be carried out more regularly and not every ‘blue moon’ or just prior to the main holiday season, things would be much better all round.

This would not, though, allow for such self-congratulatory ‘pat on the back’ announcements. ‘The Council today removed two crisp packets and a half-eaten sandwich’ just wouldn’t have the same impact.

Many people have commented that the town is not as ‘clean’ as in the past and I think one would have to agree. There was always a great ‘clean-up’ campaign and repainting of roundabouts etc (amongst other things) just prior to the Easter and main summer seasons, but don’t recall having seen anything of this kind going on this year.

Not that it wouldn’t be nice to have things kept clean throughout the year for the local residents rather than just for when the visitors arrive. However, human nature I suppose. How many of us only have a real clean-up when we are expecting visitors?