There are once again rumblings that the Nerja Fire Station, which will also serve Torrox and Frigiliana, could finally be operational ‘sometime next year’.

After many years of announcements, talking about how essential the project is, site changes and negotiations, at which local authorities tend to excel, work finally got under way and was all but completed some eighteen months ago before grinding to a halt, another phenomenon the authorities appear to have mastered to perfection.

The project was co-financed by the local government and the Málaga provincial Council. However, for reasons that probably defy logical explanation, a gate to the site does not seem to have been included in the original plans. Also, flowerbeds need to be installed. The cost of the remaining work was estimated at €90,000 (the total project was €1.2 million), but neither partner in this venture was willing to pay the money, both sides arguing – for 18 months – about who should cough up the loot.

It doesn’t seem to have been a case of one authority or the other not actually having the funds, more a case of stubbornness and political nitpicking as far as one can see. Strange to think that for the want of a gate and a few flowers, an ‘essential’ project joined the list of ‘paralysed’ works. A few less fireworks at one fiesta would probably have raised the cash.

The talk now is that work could recommence in November. That would just leave the final administrative procedures such as officially receiving the works, officially inaugurating the building and officially handing over the finished article to Málaga Council. Never a quick process, of course – it took three years to get the Botanical Garden open!.

But, hopeful news for a change. Just don’t mention the sewage plant…