slick, Nerja

Sometimes the news just doesn’t improve. Two weeks after the discovery of a leak in the sewage pipe off Torrecilla beach, divers have finally begun to inspect the pipeline and have reportedly already discovered some more, and larger, holes closer to shore. Incidentally, recreational divers have been reporting such things for many years.

The latest news report implies that the local authorities are admitting (at last) that there are problems with the pipelines, which were laid in the seventies, and that these are due to a lack of maintenance over the decades. In addition, the implication is that these ‘problems’ have existed for many years, despite what has always appeared to be the official line that ‘everything in the garden is rosy’.

Of course, local residents have been well aware of the real situation for a long, long time.

Tests are being carried out on the waters at several beaches in the area, but as the results are not yet in, the Council has decided not to issue any warning or close any beaches as a preventative measure. There are quite a lot of people venturing into the water at the moment.

Marker buoys have reportedly been installed to mark the sites of the turd fountains and the Council is hoping that the issue will be resolved by Easter. Of course, the whole situation should improve if and when the sewage plant becomes operational.