It is reported that Spain is set to be fined in the region of €46.5 million for failing to construct the required – and necessary – sewage plants in 17 municipalities in the country, Nerja being one of them. Whether this will be followed through, amended, appealed, renegotiated or is just a question of Brussels ‘going through the motions’ (as swimmers in Nerja have been for many years) remains to be seen.

The situation is simply disgraceful in this day and age, or any age for that matter. Incidentally, it was apparently World Toilet Day on Saturday, although there was little or no promotion or mention in the media.

Still n the same vein, it would seem that Tony Bliar is considering (yet another) return to politics, this time to help with Brexit. These ‘return to politics’ stories keep appearing on a regular basis but, thankfully, nothing ever actually happens. It is hard to imagine anyone in their right mind even vaguely contemplating involving this essentially disgraced politician in any capacity whatsoever, even if they could afford it. But stranger things have happened!

Far less depressing news as the forecast rain began around midnight on Sunday and is currently expected to last until at least next Sunday. Intermittent so far and nothing too heavy which is encouraging.

One year on and attempts to have a regular internet connection/phone line installed have all failed. I was encouraged when the local installer of fibre optic said they would definitely be able to connect the apartment as the system was unrelated to the normal telephone lines.

The problem is a lunatic woman at calle Málaga number 1 has some sort of dispute with the various telephone companies and will not allow then to ‘touch’ the wall of her house. In the past she has hurled stones at engineers, tried to push them off their ladders and actually cut cables. This has meant that no-one could get a regular landline/adsl installed.

There was suddenly optimism as the fibre optic does not involve a connection to the existing telephone cables/junction boxes. However, it did involve running (NOT connecting) the tiny cable alongside existing cables on the wall (under a cover) and just as the engineer was about to thread the cable into the apartment, out came loonytoons to hurl abuse and threaten to cut the cable.

I gather that the various telephone companies and sub-contractors are taking the woman to court, but we know how long that can take in Spain! Years and years.