Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Not so busy on the Balcón de Europa in Nerja this afternoon, everyone down at the beach I would imagine. There was a very cute, and really young, poopy enjoying an outing.

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

young pup

Barring any last minute outbreak of common sense, it looks like Spain could be heading for a third general election. With attitudes such as, ‘You didn’t vote for me so I’m not going to vote for you’ and an unwillingness to let the winning party rule as a minority government, seemingly purely ‘on principle’, it isn’t really surprising.

Two things do seem to be fairly clear though from the last two elections: The Party and political self-interest or ambition are being put way ahead of any concern for the country or the voters and, basically, the electorate don’t really want any of them running the country on their own.

Maybe there should be a new rule introduced after two consecutive elections and failure to secure a government: the leaders of all (four) major parties have to step down before a third election is held. The problem, of course, is going from a two-party to four-party state in one mighty leap, with none able to gather sufficient votes to rule on their own.

Unless one or more parties fall by the wayside at some stage, this could be the election scenario for many years to come.

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Calahonda beach, Nerja

At a local level it is a similar situation in some ways, the new parties forcing many an unholy alliance in order for governments to be formed, often purely on the basis of ‘got to keep X out of power at all costs’ rather than for any idealogical or other sensible reason.

From what one reads, in such municipalities the politicians appear to spend the vast majority of their time maintaining their power base or pointing fingers rather than doing any actual work.

Best just go to the beach and let them get on with it.