Street Artist, Nerja

Sunny but a bit windy at times today, not that this stopped people sunbathing and swimming n the sea. The wind made the sea a bit choppy and that in turn made the water a tad murky (sand and vegetation, nothing else), not that this was a deterrent to the intrepid bathers.

Calahonda beach, Nerja

The Pied Piper was in town today, first time I have seen hm. Made a nice change.

Street Artist, Nerja

For some reason it reminded me of an incident at Halloween. I was in England for Halloween and the staff at a lounge/restaurant were all suitably dressed as skeletons, ghouls etc with stitches, blood and the like. At the bar sat a man, probably in his fifties, in a sort of clown’s outfit complete with plastic mask.

He was happily enjoying his pint of ale until two officers of the law entered the premises and made straight for him. They said that someone had reported seeing a ‘scary’ clown entering the lounge and had to check it out. They then said they would have to take his name and address, to which his natural response was, ‘You’re kidding aren’t you?’.

They said not and duly took his details. As the two officers departed, two other clowns entered the building, but as they just had the funny outfit, face paint and a big red nose they were ignored, presumably not scary enough to warrant further investigation.

My initial reaction when it happened was that the two officers were fakes and it was a wind-up for the guy by his mates, and I laughed. I even thought of complimenting them on their outfits if they came closer to my table until I realised t was all serious and real.

Bicycles, Nerja

Flamenco dresses

View, Nerja