Pepe Pascual

Above the ill-fated Verano Azul underground car park, which was turned into a private facility for residents of the area after it failed miserably as a public car park (as they all seem to do), is Plaza Cronista Pepe Pascual, named after Pepe Pascual, Official Chronicler of Nerja and the Nerja Caves.

Pepe Pascual

On the occasion of his 71st birthday on June 3rd 2010, Pepe Pascual was officially present him with the honour of being named Hijo Predilecto – Favourite Son – and, in addition, the newly built square above the car park was given is name.

A rather nice miniature sculpture of Pepe Pascual, created by the sculptor Francisco Martín, stands at the Parque Verano Azul end of the square. At the feet of the statue of Pepe is a reproduction of the newspaper Sur for which Pepe worked for many years.

Pepe Pascual, full name José Adolfo Pascual Navas, passed away on May 4th 2012 at the age of 72 years.

Apart from the sculpture, there is unfortunately little or nothing of note in the square itself. It is a large, open area devoid of bars, cafes, shops or other diversions.

The plinth and the commemorative plaque could do with a bit of TLC as they look to have been rather neglected in the intervening years.