graffiti, Nerja

These two examples of ‘street art’ are on the shutters of a shop in calle Puerta del Mar in the centre of Nerja. The first, certainly, has been there for many years. While I was eyeing up the shot, a (well known) local stopped and asked if he could make a couple of comments (as he is wont to do) and I replied, ‘of course’.

‘Firstly’, he said, ‘you know this has been here for years?’

‘Yes’, I responded.

‘And you know it is basically a vagina?’, he added, before depating as swiftly as he had arrived.

graffiti, Nerja

street art, Nerja

The Council really appear to be pulling out all the stops to resolve the sewage plant saga. At their monthly meeting they reportedly approved a motion to urge the responsible Ministry to find a solution to the problems facing the project, which not only include the bankruptcy of the company responsible for carrying out the project but now, it appears, the omission of a number of vital items from the original project.

Meanwhile, the local residents and a multitude of visitors have been passing their own motions, all of which have ended up, untreated, in the sea off various beaches in Nerja.

Nerja, musician

Nerja, souvenir signs