graffiti, Nerja

The graffiti along the river walkway, on the school wall, appears to be on the increase. The whole area is a bit on the run down side these days, with all sorts of rubbish in the riverbed and on the banks, endless dog poo along the walkway and a couple of drain outlets which can only be spewing raw sewage. The stench (understatement sometimes) can actually be gut-wrenching on occasion.

graffiti, Nerja

graffiti, Nerja

Countless bottles, plastic and glass, bags, chairs, wheels, the occasional supermarket trolley….

rio Chillar riverbed, Nerja

rio Chillar, Nerja

The walkway used to be very picturesque, particularly when there actually was some water flowing, something which hasn’t been the case for a couple of years now. I have the feeling that the flow has been purposefully stopped, and that the river now only really acts as a sort of overflow during particularly prolonged wet periods.

The waiting game

bus stop, Nerja