Esparto grass weaver, Nerja

Torrecilla beach is gradually being put back together once again in preparation for the main summer season, with tons of sand being brought in, as it always is after each destructive storm, from other places. Much of the southern coast seems to need rebuilding at least a couple of times each year.

Torrecilla beach, Nerja

Gusto Italiano, a restaurant at the bottom of calle Málaga, just before Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, has closed and is being replaced by a Swedish estate agency.

La Bottega in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos is a recent new addition to the host of eateries in Nerja.

La Bottega, Nerja

El Chucho beach is pretty much back to normal as far as the sands are concerned. There is no longer a Turd Fountain just offshore but the area within the marker buoys still looks a different colour, more brown, than the rest of the waters. And it was spreading today as the currents were quite strong.

What surprises me immensely in many ways, but not all, is that tests carried out on the waters of the town following the rupture of the sewage pipe all came back as ‘normal’. Perhaps this is possible, I am no expert, just surprises me, that’s all.

Joaquín, who must be in his eighties, is still weaving the Esparto grass. Is there anyone to continue this dying art?

Esparto grass weaver, Nerja

The Puente Viejo is now closed to traffic for (at least) one month, although pedestrians can still cross. The cobbles are already gone.

Puente Viejo, Nerja

Roadworks are continuing in calle Angustias, calle Nueva and calle Antonio Millón.

Plaza de España, Nerja