graffiti, Nerja

Carnaval starts today, February 8th, at 19:00 with the official opening speech being delivered by Ángeles Ramírez Gálvez. It takes place at the Nerja Cultural Centre, calle Granada 45, and the speech is followed by performances from “Con el agua al cuello”, “Los pelotas”, “Viktoria Secret” and “Musicalandia”. And it’s free entry.

Odd bits of graffiti, or street art, gets removed every once in a super blue blood moon, but most seems to stay forever or is updated/added to/reworked and new bits always pop up here and there at regular intervals.

graffiti, Nerja

graffiti, Nerja

No water in the river, of course, hasn’t been for years but you do see all sorts of other stuff from countless bottles, bin bags, supermarket trolleys and the odd bike.

bike in river, Nerja

There was also a rare nesting stone on the riverbank.

nesting stone

Lots of building/renovation work being carried out in Nerja over the winter months. In just one street, calle Granada, five buildings have been recently demolished, with rebuilding progress being made in three of these.


We still currently have two Wallys, the Caves Train and the new City Sightseeing Train.

Caves Train