Sleeping rough, Nerja

It is the time of year when many places are closed, either just for a short period (like Bar Cavana) or for the season (like Biznaga on the Balcón de Europa), as well as being the time for establishments to change ands. El Rinconcito on avenida Castilla Perez has now become Cafeteria Tai.

Cafeteria Tai, Nerja

Other fairly recent changes include the Piano on avenda Mediterraneo, Oleum Gastro bar in calle El Barrio and La Piadina in avenida Castilla Perez.

Piano, Nerja

La Piadina, Nerja

Not really the weather for sleeping rough without shelter but it s a fairly common sight and occurrence in Nerja these days. Similarly with the number of people now begging on the streets throughout the year.

Sleeping rough, Nerja

Despite early two weeks of rain and storms, the rio Chillar is but a mere trickle. However, probably the most water it has had in a year or more. The banks of the river are also being cleared, a drastic removal of most of the vegetation.

rio Chillar, Nerja


The subject of dog poo crops up regularly on forums and it has to be said that the situation has been quite bad in recent times. Some of the problem has to do with dogs being left to roam certain streets or areas, such as along the river walkway, but a lot is the result of people being inconsiderate and not cleaning up after their pooches.