The new Council has been in power for one year now and seems to have spent an inordinate amount of time making sure their ‘alliance’ stays in power and that they are adequately remunerated and very little else as far as one can see. Even staunch socialists reportedly appear to be hugely disappointed with their efforts so far.

The long-awaited sewage plant is a year further away from being up and running since they came to power and the Fire Station project has reportedly stalled as someone failed to include ‘gates’ in the original contract and the Council is loathe to pay out the necessary €80,000 to remedy the situation. Are they solid gold gates???

Calahonda beach is a mess, other beaches require attention, the streets and some public spaces are not very clean, dog poo can be a problem in many areas, there are several squatter encampments…but at least the important matters are being debated in the regular Council meetings.

On the agenda today:

  • Arranging for members to sit at the various tables for the upcoming general election
  • Motion disapproving of the (national) Citizen Security Law introduced in April 2015
  • Motion to condemn ‘Israeli Apartheid’
  • Motion to reject the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy as negotiated by the national government
  • Motion to approve the local fiestas for 2017

As far as I can see, although I could of course be wrong, almost nothing useful or of any consequence has been done or achieved during the past twelve months. It is almost like having no government, which is maybe not a bad thing, although unfortunately it still costs us the same amount of money.

I think digits need to be extracted and pretty sharply.