It sounds like it could be quite a noisy few years in calle Diputación, Nerja, as the Council are reportedly reviving a plan from the previous administration to demolish the Giner de los Rios Centre and construct a new ‘Multi-purpose Centre’. Like so many projects, this has been talked about for a number of years – at least 10. The estimated cost of the project has been put at over €4 million. First, the theory:

  • First Trimester 2017: Removal of current inhabitants of the Giner de los Rios Centre followed by demolition of the building, this to be completed by the summer of 2017.
  • Construction work to begin before the end of 2017 and the project to be completed in two years.

However, based upon previous projects, the more likely scenario might be:

  • Project put out to tender for €3.97
  • Difficulties clearing the building and administrative problems mean the start of demolition is delayed and cannot be completed before the summer season.
  • Demolition restarts in November 2017 but is interrupted by rain. It is finally completed in time for the 2018 summer break.
  • Construction begins in December 2018 and continues until the 2019 summer break (June to October inclusive).
  • Work fails to restart in November 2019 due to ‘administrative problems’ such as funding not being passed down the line and the precarious financial situation of the construction company or joint venture. Work becomes ‘paralysed’.
  • Project becomes ‘blocked’.
  • Work restarts in November 2021.
  • Project is completed in December 2024
  • Report by municipal technicians prevents the issue of an opening licence due to ‘administrative and technical problems’ and the discovery that the original project did not include a front door.
  • Official inauguration and back-patting ceremony takes place in May 2027.
  • Contract to furnish the building is put out to tender in June 2027.
  • Council begins drafting a project to renovate and modernise the Giner de los Rios Multi-purpose Centre