As nice as Nerja is, one thing that you need to get used to – and it is not always easy – is the incessant renovating of apartments and business premises. Someone takes over a bar – which may have only just been renovated – and they invariably gut the interior and start again. These premises, of course, have living accommodation above.

Live in an apartment block and someone is inevitably renovating, the larger the block the more chance it will be a continuous process as it seems to prompt others to start. Not at the same time of course. No, one after the other.

I have just had five months of ‘renovations’ taking place in the premises below my apartment. They have been converting a former bar into a shop. At their leisure, naturally, and with no consideration for others. Five months of almost incessant drilling, hammering…often starting at 07:00 and sometimes continuing until 22:30. Even on Sundays.

The floor has been shaking, it has been impossible to hold a conversation, make a phone call or even watch TV or listen to music at times. Decide to have a relaxing bath to take your mind of things and you find they have turned off everyone’s water, no warning, no courtesy call.

For three weeks they have been saying it will all be finished ‘tomorrow’, which it hasn’t been. However, after an early drilling session early on Sunday morning, it looks like the shop is finally finished! Five months of hell. Just hope it doesn’t close in a couple of weeks and get new owners who decide to turn it back into a bar!!! It would not surprise me in the slightest.

End of gripe.