From what I can gather, all the wooden lifeguard towers remain out of commission apart from being used as poles for warning flags. This followed an incident on Burriana beach on July 4th when one of the towers collapsed, complete with lifeguard.

Fortunately the lifeguard only suffered minor injuries. The wooden towers, erected more than a decade ago, were apparently only ever repainted prior to the start of each summer season. However, being open to the elements for the whole year, the bases had reportedly become rather rotten.

The Council was quite prompt in decommissioning all the remaining nine towers in the municipality and ordering a technical assessment.

Presumably any remedial action will not now take place until at least the winter as there will no doubt have to be proposals, draft reports, draft projects, final projects, tender processes and a host of other administrative formalities carried out (probably at up to five different levels of government) before any actual work can begin. Nothing is ever simple.

On the plus side to the often overwhelming, and invariably infuriating mountain of paperwork required for even the simplest task, just imagine what the unemployment figures would be like if the bureaucratic monster were to be slain! Doesn’t bear thinking about – Viva el paper