artist, Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Early evening on the Balcón de Europa and a couple of artists have already set out their stalls, whilst others are still setting up. Caricatures or straight portraits, both styles are on offer.

artist, Balcon de Europa, Nerja

Brexit: In many ways it is a shame that it has taken the departure of one member state for the elite Gravy Train passengers to finally admit that the EU in its present form is bloated, not what was originally envisaged (or intended?), wastes so much money, erodes national identity and takes little or no account of the wishes of the general population.

Unfortunately it was probably never going to change without such a kick up the posterior. Maybe it will now change for the better, only time will tell.

Calahonda beach, Nerja

Long shadows on Calahonda beach. Both Burriana and El Playazo beaches were packed for the Noche de San Juan, as they always are, but Calahonda and El Salon, unusually, were almost devoid of revellers. Calahonda in particular used to be quite lively, but that was, of course before the enforced demise, on dubious grounds, of El Papagayo bar/restaurant and the influx of vagrants.

El Salon beach, Nerja

flowers, Nerja

Flowers, Nerja

nap time, Balcon de Europa, Nerja

General election day in Spain, the second time within six months. All predictions are for a similar, inconclusive, outcome, the only change possibly being Unidos-Podemos overtaking the PSOE in the rankings. The country appears to have been muddling along nicely with only a ‘caretaker’ government….food for thought.

The opportunity was there for a coalition government to reflect and take into account the wishes of the people, but Party ideology and dogma, egos and self-interest got in the way again.

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

boats, Nerja

church, Nerja

Bar terrace, Nerja

The idea of a Dog Park has often arisen in conversations but doesn’t seem to be of interest to many local authorities, although they do appear to work quite well in many towns and cities throughout Europe. Would it resolve the dog-poo situation often brought up by visitors to the town? Certainly wouldn’t do any harm, would it?

There are a number of areas in town – calle Manuel Marín, the Torrecilla area, avenida Castilla Perez, calle Málaga and the rio Chillar walkway in particular – where piles of excrement are a common sight. These do tend to be areas where pooches are left to wander on their own. I must say, the majority of dog owners, particularly Spanish, carry a supply of plastic bags and do actually clean up after their animals.