The two Ciudadanos councillors, the key to ousting the Partido Popular at the last municipal elections, have reportedly decided to withdraw from the local government team due to the ineffectiveness of the socialist mayor, Rosa Arrabal.

Although the Ciudadanos councillors participated in the government, they did not have any specific delegations or departmental responsibilities. They say that the current administration has so far done nothing by way of projects for the benefit of the community.

It is hard to disagree. The sewage plant project is now stalled and at least a year behind schedule and the Fire Station has failed to begin operating due to the lack of gates – apparently the gates were not included in the original project and will now cost €80,000 extra and the Council is reportedly unwilling to pay this amount.

It is also rumoured that the reason no cars are getting towed in the municipality at the moment  is because the Council can’t afford to pay the ‘Grua’ service.

However, the Council has proudly announced plans to spend €600,000 updating its computer system and website. Yes, a few people will then be able to pay their fines online or fill in a form, but is it a priority? Certainly an easy option but just think of the number of street cleaners etc who could be gainfully employed  using such funds. They are definitely required.

Calahonda beach, for one, is in dire need of some attention.

Illegal encampments at beaches and in derelict buildings, beggars on every street corner – many just wanting money for alcohol, rubbish all over the place, lifeguard towers collapsing due to neglect…are  just a few items that immediately spring to mind.

The Council recently announced that it is going to save around two million euros on the Anillo Verde project (green, leisure area). This was a project proposed in 2011 by the previous administration, but there is no indication that anything has actually been approved, let alone started. Surely it can only be claimed as a ‘saving’ if it actually comes to fruition? And is completed at the revised cost.

On the plus side, the regular meetings have covered some major issues too, such as:

Motion disapproving of the (national) Citizen Security Law introduced in April 2015
Motion to condemn ‘Israeli Apartheid’
Motion to reject the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy as negotiated by the national government
Motion to approve the local fiestas for 2017

Nuff said.