The railings on the Balcón de Europa got a lick of paint ready for the influx of visitors for Semana Santa and a few new rubbish bins were installed in calle Puerta del Mar, calle Cristo and calle Pintada. As soon as the Easter festivities are over, work is currently set to begin on the re-urbanisation of calle Antonio Millón – the small stretch between calle Fray Junipero Serra and calle Chaparil.


The ruptured sewage pipes off Torrecilla beach could have been a great opportunity for the local authority to score a few (desperately needed) brownie points by acting swiftly, dynamically and decisively to resolve the issue and reassure the public.But hey, who are we kidding?


There were, of course, statements that the matter was ‘in hand’, ‘immediate action’ was being taken etc, but it appears to have taken around three weeks (April 3rd 2017) for the task of carrying out the repairs to be put in the hands of a suitable company, namely Obras Hidráulicas Marítimas SL

The latest reports, from April 12th, state that the work ‘continues its course’. One assumes that, contrary to regular utterings, the work will no longer be ‘finished by Easter’. Unless they mean’t next Easter, of course.

It has been free-for-all parking in Nerja for the past couple of years now as there has been no official towing service available – allegedly because the Council never paid its bills. Moves are now afoot to raise the towing fee to encourage firms to apply for the concession. Mmm…

‘Look, we can now be owed 50% more, must get me some of that’.