ceramic tiles, Nerja

It is a shame when one of the old, established bars or restaurants disappears forever, as is now the case with Méson de Julio on calle Cristo in Nerja. Do we need another small supermarket/minimarket? Someone obviously seems to think we do.

It was always good tapas at Mesón de Julio, and the restaurant always seemed fairly full, particularly during the summer. However, bars and restaurants come and go with alarming regularity – recent new ones include Povedano, Bar Blue Med (both on avenida Mediterraneo) and La Plaza, a Brazilian restaurant in Plaza La Marina.

It is that time of year, of course, when bars and restaurants change owners and/or names, or simply disappear forever. Hardly surprising really, with well over 300 bars and restaurants serving a winter population of barely 25,000.

Quite a few bars and restaurants do close for part, if not all of the winter period, but there are still more than enough remaining open to survive any tidal wave of visitors to the town.

ceramic tiles, Nerja

These tiles, by the way, are on the wall near Bar Turry (calle Chaparil entrance), a leftover from one of the numerous earlier eateries formerly occupying the premises.

It is generally much quieter around town now – it was actually very busy until the beginning of December, almost like summer. The weather has also changed, much cooler during the day and quite chilly in the evenings, although there are still a few people, mainly visitors, sporting shorts….and thick jackets!!