I know the TV companies are dependent upon advertising for revenue, but please…I was watching TV late evening on Tuesday and, after a couple of short bits of the programme with 6 minute ad breaks in-between (tolerable), up popped a notice saying ‘back in 30 seconds’.

The programme did return after the 30 seconds, but only for two minutes! There then followed a batch of 44 advertisements, one after the other! You begin to lose the will to live after a while.

I only sat through them, rather than turning the TV off, because I had a feeling it would be a long break (I’ve had shorter holidays!) and decided to count them for a laugh.

Who on earth do they think is going to sit through that lot on a regular basis? And it is a regular occurrence, particularly after 22:00.

The longest ad break I ever had the misfortune to sit through (you often sit there hoping against hope they will suddenly stop) was twenty-one minutes.