Burriana beach, Nerja

A stroll down to Burriana beach, almost a separate resort in many ways, for a change of scenery and it was quite busy.

Burriana beach, Nerja

The new underground car park has made little or no difference to the area as, at €22.25 for a day’s parking, it is a bit on the expensive side. And it closes at ten p.m. It served its purpose, though, licence revenue for the municipal coffers.

I did have a little wander inside this latest White Elephant and there were actually a few cars inside.


A plot (or two) with a guy on a plastic chair to watch over things and a price of a few euros for the day would have been a much better option for the public, but that’s not the idea of course.

Burriana Car Park

The legendary ‘Ayo’ was, as ever, serving up the grub.



And the aroma of sardines and other fish wafted in the gentle breeze.

Sardines, Nerja