Carnival, Nerja

If reports are to be believed (SUR 10/1/18), we now know why the proposed sewage plant was, for years, quoted as costing upwards of 43 million euros but was finally put out to tender for only 23 million euros.

It seems that, to cut costs, only two of the sewage outfalls in the municipality – Burriana and El Chucho – were included in the final project, a further eleven outfalls being omitted! It could, of course, be that the non-included outfalls are minor or relatively minor, that is not made clear. They all, however, do need to be addressed before the town can be considered to have a fully functioning waste disposal system.

That said, cutting the cost by 45% would tend to suggest that the omitted items are not so minor! All in all, this attitude from the politicians just adds to the already considerable disgrace and shame of the whole 42-year saga.

Meanwhile, Carnaval this year is from February 8th to 11th.

La Fragata in Plaza Cavana is undergoing a total refurb, the interior having been gutted. Probably long overdue really.

A bit of a cold snap at the moment, snow on the hills making for a pretty chill wind. Looks pretty though.