Puente Viejo, Nerja

Work is due to start on Tuesday May 16th to repair, strengthen and resurface, finally, the Puente Viejo, the cobbled bridge at the western entrance to Nerja. Over time, various water and other leaks have apparently caused deterioration below the road surface and this will be reinforced with another layer of concrete.

At the same time, the cobbles will disappear and be replaced with asphalt, a project decided a year or two ago via a referendum in the town (although only 70-odd people actually bothered to vote on the matter).

The emergency repairs to the ruptured sewage pipes off El Chucho beach near the mouth of the rio Chillar are expected to be completed by the end of May, a mere ten or eleven weeks after the problem arose. Around 100 metres of new piping is being laid at a cost of €100,000.

There is still no news as to if or when work will resume on the sewage plant, the bizarre project to pump vast quantities of human waste up a mountain.

This year could reportedly be the final Romería de San Isidro to take place in the grounds of the Nerja Caves. The site has been used, without interruption, since 1984. The Nerja Caves Foundation has apparently asked the local Council to find a new site for this annual two-day celebration, one of the main reasons being to protect the area which now includes a 26,000 square metre Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden, financed by the regional government at a cost of over three million euros, was completed three years ago, although it has still not yet been officially inaugurated and is therefore still not open to the public.

This situation is by no means uncommon of course. It took a couple of years after completion for the Nerja Museum to finally open its doors to the public, several years for the bridge connecting the Nerja Caves to the village of Maro to be opened, and then there is the long-delayed, long-awaited and much-needed Fire Station. This was completed almost eighteen months ago but remains inoperative.

From its inception in 1966 and up until 1983, the Romería de San Isidro was held in the area known as the Cerro de Los Cancharrales, closer to Nerja town, and this site is reportedly once more under consideration, although it all seems to be speculation at the moment. The area does contain the original, albeit unused, Ermita de San Isidro.

We will just have to wait and see, as usual. They have also been talking about moving the feria for many moons now but nothing has happened.