rubbish, Nerja

Demolish a building in the centre of town and it doesn’t take long for people to treat it as a rubbish bin, including the depositing of large bin bags. Saves having to walk a few metres to a real bin I suppose. The only consolation is that, without the new ‘bin’, the rubbish would probably get thrown on the street.

rubbish, Nerja

We have a large number of various types of rubbish containers and a daily collection service – the envy of many – yet you can always see people walking along and just chucking their litter onto the streets.

Large rubbish containers have set times for the depositing of household rubbish – not before 10pm in summer and 9pm in winter, ostensibly to prevent the aroma of decaying matter and present a favourable image to visitors. There are, in theory at least, fines for those abusing the system.

Where I live, the bins are emptied daily at around 5am, yet they are often full to overflowing again by 11am. It is not only visitors, who may not know or be able to read the notices by the bins, but also residents who just ignore the signs.

The very short-lived Manny’s Bar in calle El Barrio, Nerja, is now the Nerja Club de Rugby, a fully fledged sports bar.