Torrecilla beach, Nerja

Seven-thirty in the evening and still the odd bod on Torrecilla beach. One thing that a few people have commented upon this year is that by 09:30, most, if not all, the sunbeds on the various beaches have been taken for the day. Many have a ‘reserved’ sign on them – a proper sign, not a German towel.

Reserving a sunbed the day before apparently costs €1 and many seem to be availing themselves of this service. If it is difficult now, I can’t imagine what it will be like in August when the bulk of the (Spanish) visitors descend upon the town.

Torrecilla beach, Nerja

For those desperate for a seat on the beach, there is always the option of buying a cheap lounger from one of the Chinese bazaars.

fisherman, Torrecilla

sea, Nerja

Nerja, plants

If you look down the barrels of the cannons in town you will see they are invariably filled with people’s rubbish, so it is hardly surprising that holes in walls, drainage pipes, are seen a suitable receptacle for cans.

can, Nerja

Litter remains a problem, in towns and in the countryside. The amount of rubbish collected each year from scenic walks, the seabed, beaches…almost everywhere…is quite staggering. To see people standing next to, or walking past, a rubbish bin who then proceed to drop their paper, water bottle etc on the floor is not an uncommon sight.

It has slowly been getting better over the past few years, but there is still a long way to go yet.