Burriana beach, Nerja

Burriana beach is proudly presented and promoted as the ‘premier’ beach in Nerja, which it undoubtedly is in terms of facilities and activities, yet one baffling situation remains.

Burriana is almost a separate ‘village’ in many respects, located at the base of a cliff, and access is via any of three very steep routes – one is a pedestrian route, one is a major road and the third is a somewhat minor road. The main road down to Burriana beach, calle Filipinas, is not referred to as ‘Cardiac Hill’ without reason, yet there is bafflingly still no regular public transport to this ‘premier’ location.

It is not as if the regular municipal transport route would have to be drastically altered, redesigned or re-imagined, the bus would merely have to turn off its normal route, go down and up the hill, and continue merrily on its way as if nothing had happened.

The Tourist Train was, some years ago, banned from stopping along its route due to pressure from the local taxi drivers who feared a loss of revenue. Perhaps it is a similar case with Burriana, who knows?

Nothing else makes any sense. The buses are certainly capable of climbing the hill, they have done so at various times in the past, so that can’t be it.

A cunning plan to drum up business for the Health Centre as unfit residents and tourists wheeze their way to the top in the summer heat? Surely not.

Whatever the reason, the situation remains a mystery.