Quite a few places closed for a winter break, although with over 300 bars, cafes and restaurants in the town there is still always plenty of choice. Also, a lot of places undergoing renovation and/or change of ownership at the moment, particularly in the centre of town.

Little Italy, at the bottom of calle Pintada, has closed once again and is up for sale, Los Mariscos in calle Cristo, closed for quite a while now, looks like it is being demolished or, at the very least, completely renovated.

Cafeteria Jamaica on avenida Mediterraneo is closed for ‘renovations’, an annual occurrence there, the ice cream place next to Albi on the Balcón de Europa was gutted and has now reopened as the Albi Gelateria. This is the old shop.

Christmas lights, Nerja

The top floors of the Giner de los Rios Centre in calle Diputación have become the Hostal Acapulco – there have been countless announcements over the years about what would become of the centre – new culture centre, council offices, demolition etc etc – but never a mention of a hostel!

The Council announced that work would restart last Monday on the sewage plant, but we all knew it wouldn’t. And it didn’t.