gull, Nerja

Gulls in the wind

The wind has been very strong and gusting for the past few days but it doesn’t seem to affect the gulls who maintain their graceful flight as they fly in and out, gliding, swooping and diving with apparent ease. They even maintain great decorum when they come in to land, although it does look like a lot of extra effort is sometimes required.

Spotless Starling

Hopefully next time

As I arrived by the riverside this morning my attention was suddenly caught by the almost unmistakeable wingbars and crest of a Hoopoe as it swooped down and landed. Unfortunately I was totally unprepared – wrong lens, camera still at my side – so I just watched and admired this impressive creature before it flew off a couple of minutes later.

Carpenter Bee

Beasties large and small

The B52’s of the bee world, the Carpenter Bees, are out in abundance at the moment, generally late morning/lunchtime when the sun has got it’s hat on. They are ungainly looking but looks can be deceptive. There were a couple of pairs flying around together and no collisions.