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  • Abuko National Park

    Abuko National Park, The Gambia
    Abuko National Park, covering 107 hectares, was the first designated wildlife reserve in The Gambia. It is home to primates, reptiles, amphibians and more than 270 species of birds.

    Abuko National Park, The Gambia

  • Almuñecar Aquarium

    Almuñecar Aquarium, Almunecar
    Almuñécar Aquarium – Acuario de Almuñécar – opened its doors to the public on July 18th 2008, and is the largest such aquarium in Andalucia. There are actually a total of 20 aquariums of varying sizes within the complex, home to approximately 3,500 specimens belonging to about 200 species.
    Almuñecar Aquarium, Almunecar
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  • Bioparc Fuengirola

    Bioparc Fuengirola
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  • Black Swan Lake

    Black Swan Lake
    Black Swan Lake forms part of Dinton Pastures Country Park.

  • Bonsai Garden Museum

    Bonsai Museum, Almunecar
    The Jardín Museo del Bonsái – Bonsai Garden Museum – in plaza de Marruecos, Almuñécar, has become the most important site of its kind in Andalucia and one of the most important in Spain.
    Bonsai Garden, Almunecar
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  • Butterfly Park Benalmádena

    Butterfly Park, Benalmádena
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  • Crocodile Park Torremolinos

    Crocodile Park Torremolinos
    The Crocodile Park is 15 minutes from the railway station or, if you take my shortcut, around 80 minutes! It makes a very good trip and if you take the guided tour, which I must say is excellent, you will learn a lot of things you didn’t know about crocodiles.
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  • Decoy Heath

    Decoy Heath
    A former gravel pit, Decoy Heath is one of the best sites for dragonfly and damselfly in Berkshire with 23 species known to breed there. The woodland area is home to over 80 bird species.

  • Dinton Pastures Country Park

    Dinton Pastures Country Park

  • El Majuelo Botanical Gardens

    El Majuelo, Almunecar
    The Parque Botánico El Majuelo – El Majuelo Botanical Gardens – in Almuñecar is located below the Castillo de San Miguel and right next to the ancient Roman fish salting factory and contains over 200 species of sub-tropical plants from all over the world.
    El Majuelo, Almunecar
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  • Glaucous Gull

    Glaucous Gull
    I spotted a Gull on the lake which looked different from all the others. I took a couple of long-distance shots and didn’t think any more of it. It turned out to be an immature (first winter) Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus) and it is the first time one has been seen in my local area since 2008! All the local twitchers are now out in force looking for it…………………………. but I saw it FIRST.
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  • Hambledon


  • Jardín de las Águilas

    Eagle Owl
    At the top of Monte Calamorro in Benalmádena is the Jardín de las Águilas, Eagle Garden, a centre for falconry as well as the breeding and preservation of birds of prey.
    Monte Calamorro

  • Lavell’s Lake

    Lavell's Lake

  • Moor Green Lakes

    Moor Green Lakes

  • Ornithological Park ‘Loro Sexi’

    Bird Park Loro Sexi, Almunecar
    The Loro Sexi Bird Park – Parque Ornitológico Loro Sexi – in Almuñécar, Granada province, opened in 1987 and is home to around 100 species of birds including parrots, macaws, peacocks, owls, toucans and ducks.
    Bird Park Loro Sexi, Almunecar
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  • Royal Botanical Garden Madrid

    Royal Botanical garden of Madrid
    The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid – Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid – is an 8-hectare botanical garden located near Plaza de Murillo, next to the famous Prado Museum in Madrid and is a great place to spend a leisurely couple of hours, especially if the sun has got its hat on.
    Royal Botanical garden of Madrid
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  • South Lake

    South Lake, Woodley
    South Lake in Woodley, surrounded by a wooded area, is in the middle of a large housing estate but is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna. It doesn’t take that long to walk round the lake and there is always something interesting to see, summer or winter.
    South Lake, Woodley

  • White Swan Lake

    White Swan Lake

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