Plants and Shrubs

Nature the provider

The trip along the River Gambia was not only relaxing and fun but also educational as I discovered just how the waters themselves and the Mangrove swamps on either side of the river provide so much for the area. The river, naturally, provides plenty of fish for the area. At low tide, sandbanks appear and women from the village...
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Dry times

Just popped past the river…well, it’s now just a couple of puddles and that’s about it. The mouth of the river has totally dried up. Odd birds still bathing or trying to get food from these puddles and this little froggy looking forlornly at the dwindling water supply. He could only just get his toes wet! Poor thing. Plenty...
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Bury Down

The weather is extremely hot so I haven’t been out much in the day but I have tried to get out early in the morning or in the early evening when it is a bit cooler.  We like going to the Berkshire Downs in the early evening but while it is nice for walking, the light is terrible for photos...
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