Atlas Moth

Hairy legs

The impressive Atlas and Eri moths only survive for about one week as they do not have mouths and cannot therefore feed. What I hadn’t really noticed before is the size of their legs. They are quite thick, strong looking and hairy, very similar to those of a Tarantula in many ways.


Periodic visit to the Butterfly Park

The relatively short life cycle of butterflies and moths, only days in some cases (the huge, colourful and mouthless Atlas Moth for example), means that you never know what you are going to find when you visit the Butterfly Park. There could be a multitude flying around or not so many, new species or old favourites, it’s all a bit of a lottery.

Carpenter Bee

Beasties large and small

The B52’s of the bee world, the Carpenter Bees, are out in abundance at the moment, generally late morning/lunchtime when the sun has got it’s hat on. They are ungainly looking but looks can be deceptive. There were a couple of pairs flying around together and no collisions.