If you are ever passing through Geneva, the Botanical Gardens and Park are well worth a visit.

Geneva Botanical Gardens

Established in 1904, the Botanical Gardens cover an area of 28 hectares on the edge of the city of Geneva offer and only about a twenty minute walk along Lake Geneva from the centre of the city. Alternatively, you can get there by bus, car, train or even hop on one of the local ‘Wally Trollies’.

Tiurist Train Geneva

The Botanical Gardens consist of a collection of 16,000 plant species from all over the world and is divided into several sections: an arboretum, the rock garden and banks of protected plants, medicinal and useful plants, greenhouses, horticultural plants (including a “garden of scent and touch”) and an animal park devoted to conservation.

Arriving at the gardens, this cute little squirrel suddenly appeared to greet us.

Botanical Gardens Geneva

There are vast, wide open spaces where you can just enjoy a wander, jog or a picnic while enjoying the natural surroundings.

Its Conservatory owns a collection of 220,000 volumes and a herbarium containing over 5,5 million samples.

Botanical Gardens
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