The Jardín Museo del Bonsái – Bonsai Garden Museum – in plaza de Marruecos, Almuñécar, has become the most important site of its kind in Andalucia and one of the most important in Spain after the Bonsai Museum in Alcobendas, Madrid.

Bonsai is the traditional Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers and comes from ‘bon’, meaning a tray or low-sided pot, and ‘sai’, a planting or plantings. However, in English, the term Bonsai is generally used to describe all miniature trees grown in containers or pots.

The Jardín Museo del Bonsái covers 1,800 square metres, with winding paths leading to different levels. It is very well laid out and it is fascinating to see all these ‘little trees’, just like the real thing only smaller.

Bonsai Museum, Almunecar

The garden is maintained by the Asociación Amigos del Bonsái Costa Tropical – The Association of Friends of the Bonsai on the Costa Tropical. Entry is €2.

Bonsai Museum, Almunecar

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