Abuko National Park is a nature reserve in The Gambia, just south of the town of Abuko and was the country’s first designated wildlife reserve. In 1968 the Department of Wildlife, now the Gambia Department of Parks and Wildlife Management, was established at the reserve.

The nature reserve covers around 107 hectares, much of it is dense forest and bushes, plenty of room for the three primate species found here: vervet, red colobus and patas monkeys.

Monkey, Abuko Reserve

Some of the monkeys have become quite used to human presence and will come right up to you, others are completely wild. As you wander along the narrow tracks through the forest you here them scuttling about, occasionally catching a glimpse of one high in the trees.

There are also said to have been as many as 270 bird species recorded in this forest area and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. You never quite know who you might bump into on the path.


Reptiles to be found in the park include the monitor lizard, Nile crocodile, dwarf crocodile, spitting cobra, black cobra, python, puff adder and green mamba.


It is a great and relaxing place to wander and certainly plenty to see.



Plenty of butterflies, dragonflies and the odd spider.