Although the weather became warmer, the rain returned so it is still not ideal for walking and photography.  However, I did take a few photos, some from under my umbrella!  The car park feeders were almost empty but lots of small birds were searching for the last remaining seed.

Blue Tits and Great Tit, sized

Great Tit, sized

There were quite a few little Goldcrest.  They move about so quickly and tend to favour twiggy trees so it requires more patience than I have to get a good, clear shot.

Goldcrest at MGL, sized

Goldcrest 2, sized

There were several male and female Goosander on the lake but none came very close and they were often obscured by the shrubs and trees at the edge of the lake.

Male Goosander, sized

Female Goosander, sized

Female goosander 1, sized

Goosander (2), sized

and lots of Wigeon.

Wigeon, sized

Grey Herons are always dotted around the lakes.

Heron at MGL

Heron at MGL 1

Lastly, a couple of Reed Buntings were enjoying the last few scraps of food in the feeding area near the hide.

Reed Bunting sized

Reed Bunting, sized