On a short walk round Southlake today I was surprised to see that there was still a patch of ice on the lake and lots of gulls had gathered on it.  They were mostly Black-headed Gulls but there were a couple of Herring Gulls and one Lesser Black-backed Gull.  The lighting was very odd but I took a few photos of the gulls and their reflections in the ice.

Herring Gull taking off, sized

Gull, SL, reflected, sized

Gull, SL, 17 Dec, sized

Black-headed Gull, reflected, sized

Gull, reflected, sized

Gulls reflected, sized

Gulls reflected 1, sized

Gulls reflected 2, sized

Gulls reflected 3, sized

Gulls reflected 4, sized

Gulls reflected 5, sized

There were also a few Gulls out on the water, including this Herring Gull which came quite close to the lake’s edge, and a Moorhen having a preen on the perching branches.

Herring Gull, sized

Moorhen, sized

Moorhen 1, sized

Overhead, several Red Kites were circling.

Red Kite 1, sized

Red Kite, SL, sized