I had a walk along part of the beach by Mudeford and Christchurch, dodging hailstones and  trying to shelter from the showers.  It was very bracing but quite enjoyable.  The waves were really high and some of the car park couldn’t be used as the water was coming over the barriers.  A small group of Oystercatchers were flying around, stopping here and there to pick among the pebbles on the beach.  There were also lots of Turnstones which move around increadibly quickly.  There was also a sudden influx of Pied Wagtails bobbing up and down among the pebbles.  I took some photos although it was tricky to keep my camera dry.

Oystercatcher on the beach, sized

Oystercatcher 3, sized

Oystercatcher 4, sized

Oystercatchers on the beach, sized

Oystercatchers on the beach 1, sizedOystercatchers 2, sized

Turnstone, sized

Turnstone 1, sized

Turnstone 2, sized

Turnstone 3, sized

Turnstones on the beach 1, sized

Pied Wagtail, sized

Pied Wagtail 1, sized

Pied Wagtail 2, sized

Pied Wagtail 3, sized

There were gulls everywhere as you would expect so I didn’t take any photos except for a Herring Gull next to a Starling on the chimney and a Lesser Black-Backed Gull, also on the chimneys.

Herring Gull and Starling, sized

Lesser black-back Gull, sized

The cliffs can be quite dangerous in that area and there are often rockfalls.

Cliffs, sized

Cliffs 1, sized

I tried to take some shots of the waves.  There were a couple of jet-skiers out on the sea, as well as yachts and the odd windsurfer.  Must be mad!

Car park, sized

Sea bursting on to the car park

Waves 1, sized

Waves 2, sized

Waves, sized

Waves on the rocks, 2, sized

Waves on the rocks, 3, sized

Waves on the rocks, 4, sized

Sea, sized

Sea 3, sized

This is just an interesting piece of seaweed among the broken shells and pebbles on the beach.

Seaweed and shells, sized

There was a lifeboat on the water but I think they were just practising.  They didn’t seem to be doing a rescue of any sort.

Lifeboat 1

Lifeboat 2

Lifeboat 3

and to finish, these cute wooden reindeer were in front of a little information centre.

Reindeer, sized

This is a video of the Oystercatchers, Turnstones and waves on the beach.